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Specialist. Team-based. Respectful. Innovative. Dedicated. Empathetic.

Welcome to STRIDE Orthopaedics, the practice of Dr Ramez Ailabouni and Amelia Howard-Hill. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality orthopaedic care so that our patients return to optimal health and function. We are committed to ensuring our patients remain at the centre of everything we do. STRIDE Orthopaedics is an acronym.

STRIDE stands for specialist, team-based, respectful, innovative, dedicated and empathetic.


We pursue excellence in all outcomes and are committed to delivering high levels of patient satisfaction.

AMIS Hip Direct Anterior Arthoplasty
"I believe we can give more patients an excellent result with quicker recovery after a total hip replacement through AMIS Hip DAA"

- Dr Ramez Ailabouni

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